Aerial view of portion of Snapp farm, including a 100 year old barn located on the property
The Snapp Family (left to right):
Doug Snapp, Bonnie Field, Sandra Apple, Roger Snapp
One partner is licensed to sell real estate in
the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The Snapp Family LLC is pleased to offer for sale the Snapp Family Farm. The Farm contains approximately 221 acres and is located on Cedar Creek Grade in Frederick County, Virginia. It contains approximately 684 feet of road frontage.

Visit location and tax maps by clicking on the "Location/Tax Maps" button above. Parcel diagrams for 60-A-69 (124 acres) and 61-A-13A (97 acres) indicate the 221 acres that are for sale.

A visit to "Photos" button above will show aerial photos of the property in the late fall season.


221 Acres in Frederick County, VA

Please contact Sandra Apple at 804-338-7663 to set up a time to visit the property.


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